Bell Isolation Systems are market leaders in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of high quality flexible film and rigid body isolator systems and associated products for Biotech and Pharmaceutical applications.

Biotech: Isolator applications include models for the derivation, housing and transfer of a range of laboratory animal species with environments for germ free, specific pathogen free, CL3 and CL4 biohazard containment.

Pharmaceutical: isolator applications include sterility test, sterile process, aseptic process, biohazard, toxic and cytotoxic containment.

Customised: Although we have an extensive range of standard isolator designs, we specialise in providing customised versions of our standard models to meet individual client requirements.

Bespoke: For applications where a standard system will not provide an ideal solution, we offer a bespoke design and build service to provide the client with a product to meet their exacting requirements.

Biotech Systems


BioFlex® Flexible Film Biotech Isolators are robust, durable, high quality and feature ventilation fans with low noise and low vibration output.  They are designed to provide a positive pressure sterile environment, or a negative pressure contained environment to house laboratory animals in cages on collapsible multi-tier cage racking.

Pharmaceutical Systems

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BioFlex® Flexible Film Pharmaceutical Isolators designed to provide a positive pressure sterile environment or a clean air negative pressure environment to enclose and operate a pharmaceutical procedure or pharmaceutical production equipment.  The supply and exhaust ventilation systems are fitted with EU CGMP 1822 99.997% (H14) HEPA filters, providing as a minimum, an EU CGMP Grade A clean air working environment. 



Full range of consumables and spares available.
Flexible PVC isolator sleeves and canopies manufactured in-house to suit our own BioFlex® isolators and in addition, isolators from many other manufacturers.
After sales support ensures that products are maintained ‘in the field’ by providing comprehensive maintenance and service agreements securing optimum equipment reliability.