We offer a full range of consumables and spares specific to your standard, customised or bespoke product.  A comprehensive list of spares and consumables can be found in the operating guide provided or can be obtained either from your local distributor or direct from Bell Isolation Systems Ltd.


Flexible PVC Products 

At Bell Isolation Systems, the flexible film components are manufactured in-house. In addition to manufacturing components for our own products we manufacture a wide range of components for other makes of isolator.  We also offer the same bespoke design and manufacturing service using our 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. 

Typical flexible film products include, replacement sleeves, canopies, transfer and docking sleeves, spray-bags and isolator half-suits.     

The materials used are of the highest quality, optical clarity and in addition to our standard UV stabilised flexible PVC materials, we also manufacture products from anti-static PVC. 



Our after sales support ensures that products are maintained ‘in the field’ by providing comprehensive maintenance and service agreements, securing optimum equipment reliability.

Once the warranty has expired, we offer bi-annual, annual or multi-year service contracts to ensure the equipment continues to operate safely and reliably.

For installations outwith the UK, this service can be provided by our UK based engineers or through one of our agents.


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